I acquired this beautiful piece a few years ago on Kijiji (again Kijiji!),  I found this reproduction of a famous art deco piece. (For those who don't know what that is, it's a website where individuals can buy or sell furniture.)    

This woman was selling it because she was changing her decor. I never got to see the rest of the "decor" or the new "decor" as she showed it to me in her garage. You could tell it had been there for a while. I was perplexed....Change of decor?....Huh.....Are you crazy Lady??? This piece is awesome!!! 

When I first got it, I was convinced that I had made the discovery of the century. It had it's own unique little signature. The crazy lady told me she owned it for the past 20 years and her parents had bought it from somene else. I googled it as best as I could, was completely intrigued by it. Like this lady had no idea of the piece she was letting go and it miraculously ended up in my living room. I almost felt like I secretly owned the original and became paranoid and reclusive. Maybe, just maybe that woman would realize what she'd done and strangle me in my sleep!!!

Ok.....ok... I'm exaggerating!!!!...Just a little....  But I did love it and couldn't stop staring at it!! I still get overwhelmed and feel extreme joy when I look at it!

It's a plaster reproduction (artist unknown) of the Folies Bergere Theater facade by Maurice Picaud of the Russian dancer Lila Nikolska in 1929.

I absolutely love it! I can't believe anyone would ever sell this magnificent piece! I could never imagine parting with it.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! I've included a picture of the original piece below.


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